TeamWox Groupware

Human Resource Management (HRM)

This module is designed for Personnel Management and contains all the information on your employees: personal details, address, contacts (IMs, email, telephone numbers) and information about the teamwork in the company.

Task management

This module is used for promptly assigning tasks to your employees and controlling of team work. A problem occurs? Set a task, assign persons responsible and watch how the task is fulfilled. In task manager you can hold various discussions, publish images, audio and video files. This will help you to solve appearing problems quicker and more efficiently.

Documents Management (DocFlow)

This module is designed for building an efficient documents management (DocFlow). Here you can store absolutely any documents in the electronic form: agreements, statements, scanned images and any other documents.

IP PBX Phone System, Voice Communication

VoIP telephony module expands team work possibilities in your company. This solution allows you and your teammates to make calls within the company via IP protocol without any additional settings or modifications.


In this module you can keep a detailed database of all your clients and suppliers: addresses, contact persons. You can also store here all documents, emails and discussions connected with a certain client. In TeamWox Bussiness Management System the full history of your cooperation with a customer is always available.

Corporate Social Tools (Forum, Live Chat)

TeamWox intranet forum is the most convenient place for the internal PR via which you can deliver all the company 's news and policy to each member of your working team.

Corporate Search System

Data storing, quick search and access to the corporate information are among the most important tasks of Business Management. Just imagine how much time is spent by your employees searching for a three year old agreement with your customer.

Analytics (reports), Accounting

It is impossible to manage any company without precise and authentic data about the current state of affairs. All this information is presented to a company management in the form of business reports.

Customer Support: HelpDesk, online assistant

This is a tool for assigning, planning and controlling tasks and customer requests (HelpDesk). Teamwork here is divided into specially created service groups, which include employees responsible for certain projects (or products).

Email Client

E-mail is probably the most popular tool for communication with customers and suppliers. TeamWox Groupware contains the e-mail module too, but now it is bound with the whole collaboration system! And in the teamwork this feature is extremely useful.