Through these plug-ins which are developed in accordance with the recent declaration of the CMB, you can regulate the leverage ratio and provide logging on an extreme price movement by taking the average of the received ticks for pro and standard users. View The Details

MetaTech Deposit Checker product is a plug-in which is developed for brokers having White Label. View The Details

MetaTech Trade Collector module has three parts; windows service, plug-in and the console application. View The Details

You can ensure the closing of the transactions on a specific day and time, on the pairs that you can identify by the MetaTech Auto Close service. View The Details

MT4LogExtension plug-in is logging all the changes and settings done on the new descriptions in detail for Manager, Symbol and Group settings on MetraTrader4 platform. View The Details

MT Risk Manager is plug-in to take control of your total risk by which you can determine the maximum open positions limit separately to your customer. View The Details

As a Web service application, MTWebDeposit application has been designed to help you direct your money deposit / withdrawal transactions on many channels. View The Details

You can make the notification of your all transactions precisely with our Reporting Module. View The Details

It is possible to restrict transaction opening It is possible to restrict transaction opening View The Details

MetaTech Swap Manager Application provides the transfer of your swap definitions to MetaTrader server. View The Details

Publish the news and real time data of your MetaTrader platform on your Web site.View The Details

• It takes the swap rate which is defined on the symbol.View The Details

MT Balance Manager makes easy to transfer credit to your customer. You must create “csv” file include 4 columns, program can read it and update your client balance. View The Details

This module is used for promptly assigning tasks to your employees and controlling of team work.View The Details

MetaTech Maker Checker application runs under an integrated service to the MetaTrader Server. View The Details

MTF Swap Copier running as plugin. It copies the swap values to different acccount. View The Details