MetaQuotes Software participated in Investor Finance Forum 2018 in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian representative office of MetaQuotes Software Corp. — MetaPenta Software Ltd. —presented the new services and developments for MetaTrader 5 brokers at the Investor Finance Forum. The presentation was focused on the optimized client management system and advanced analytical back office functionality, integrated with the brand new Finteza service .

The Forum took place on November 30 at Inter Expo Center in capital city Sofia and bring together professionals involved in the currency and stock markets. Our company was one of the event partners.

The Investor Finance Forum is organized by Bulgaria's leading financial portal – – for the seventh consecutive year and it is an important event not only for individual investors, but for the entire local financial industry. The main topics of this year’s event included: the world of funds and ETF investing, the power of blockchain, macroeconomic trends and strategy, as well as MiFID II regulations. One of the special guests this year was world famous trader Vladimir Ribakov.

Finteza: Analytics and conversion tracking system for brokers

The Finteza service features ultimate website/application analytics, event tracking and conversion control functionality, as well as powerful tools for targeted advertising management in websites. 


Add a special code in your website page to analyze your site visits. Within a minute you will start receiving real-time information regarding your website visitors.
You can analyze statistical data according to traditional metrics, such as:

  1. Unique visitors, number of sessions, page depth, refusal rate, geographic location, among others
  2. Statistics on devices, operating systems, languages and screen resolution characteristics
  3. List of visited pages and on-site events (for example, submission of a registration form)
  4. Incoming traffic by channels (referral, search-based, social) and UTM labels


Finteza provides various filters for efficient data processing. For example, you want to analyze traffic from Facebook, marked with a unique utm_campaign, with the registration completion action. Select the above variables to view and analyze related data in all report sections.
The specific feature of Finteza filtering system is that it does not apply additional interfaces for audience segmentation. Click on the desired parameter directly in the report, and analytical data
will be automatically rearranged. For example, you may select users who "clicked on the deposit button" in the events table and analyze related statistics.
Finteza features a traditional set of analytical functions. However, our system has three additional important advantages:

  1. Absence of data sampling.
    Data provided by popular analytical services are not always truly reliable. Often, such services analyze only part of your traffic, while extrapolating the results to remaining data. This is not the case with Finteza, in which sampling mechanisms are eliminated, so you receive reliable in-flight reports based on actual data.
  2. Real-time traffic reports.
    You receive reliable real-time traffic reports without delays. You can be certain that you monitor exactly what is happening in the site.
  3. Traffic quality measurement.
    Automated measurement of entire incoming traffic is implemented in Finteza. The system tracks a set of characteristics to separate real users from bot nets and deliberate actions from random behavior, as well as it detects blacklisted referrers. Based on these metrics, you can evaluate the efficiency of your advertising channels. In addition, the report equips you with arguments in advertising cost related discussions with unfair traffic providers.

Advertising in your websites
Finteza's advertising capabilities allow management of banner ads in your own sites and in third-party resources. With the powerful and user-friendly advertising management tools, you can create and launch marketing campaigns without employing IT specialists.

  1. Create an ad zone
    This is your website area, in which the banner will be displayed
  2. Add a code to this zone
    You may insert the code in your own site or in a rented advertising zone
  3. Your marketing specialists create a campaign and adjust it
    A campaign with a reduced banner CTR may need an adjustment. This can be conveniently performed directly in Finteza.


In addition to banners, Finteza supports other advertising formats including JPG, GIF, PNG and HTML5. This means that you can use sliders and landing pages for your banners.
The system supports the format of adaptive banners, which allows the simultaneous creation and management of thousands of banners. Furthermore, we can add your preferred formats to Finteza, if they are not currently supported.
In addition to the banner display functionality, Finteza collects related statistical data, including the following variables:

  1. The number of people who viewed the specific banner and clicked on it, as well as the banner CTR
  2. Information on devices, operating systems and browsers
  3. Geographic location and languages
  4. Statistics of separate sites, pages and advertising zones

The real-time in-flight statistics are generated without delays, which are often encountered in other services.

The two functions combined in one system will definitely be useful for brokerage companies. We have already added most of the sites to Finteza to help you get started with the system. 

Warning: all rights to these materials are reserved by MetaQuotes Software Corp. Copying or reprinting of these materials in whole or in part is prohibited. 

Tradays economic calendar features Germany

We have expanded the service geographically by adding Germany on top of the US, European Union, Japan, UK, Canada, Switzerland, China, Australia and New Zealand. Data on upcoming macroeconomic events is gathered from public sources in real time. Historical, current and forecast values, as well as importance characteristics are available for each calendar event.

German events are divided by sectors: markets, GDP, labor, prices, trade, business and consumer. By regularly checking the app, traders remain aware of the releases of 41 indicators – from the Unemployment Rate and Consumer Price Index to Bond and Note Auctions.

The free economic calendar for fundamental market analysis is available as a web version and as applications for mobile devices:

A special widget allows anyone to embed the calendar to their site or blog enriching its content and attracting new traders. Simply insert a few code lines to enable the Tradays widget and provide your visitors with a ready-to-use tool for monitoring of macroeconomic events.

How to add the calendar widget to your site

On the widget page, you can specify the desired calendar size and the display period for upcoming events — current day or week. All changes instantly appear in the Preview window, enabling you to evaluate the calendar appearance on your website page.
Copy the automatically generated code and paste it into your page. Configuration is now complete.

Provide your traders with the economic calendar, without any licensing burden, and inform them about the Tradays mobile app!

Warning: all rights to these materials are reserved by MetaQuotes Software Corp. Copying or reprinting of these materials in whole or in part is prohibited.

iFX Expo 2018: MetaTrader 5 back office captures the attention of brokers

On May 23-24, MetaQuotes Software Corp. participated in iFX EXPO International. Talks with brokers revealed that the back office sparks extra interest among all MetaTrader 5 innovations.

The updated system allows evaluation of effectiveness in working with traders and timely adjustments in advertising policies, as well as provisions of new opportunities, in an effort to increase customer loyalty. This is really an advanced analytics tool with a dash board and business metrics which are familiar to your marketing personnel. At the exhibition, we were often asked: "Is it free?" The question is reasonable since these solutions are usually sold separately, away from trading platforms. In case you missed the expo, the back office is to appear in the next major platform build and the new features are to become available for all existing MetaTrader 5 brokers for free. If you still use MetaTrader 4, then this is another reason to think about switching to the fifth platform version.

Let's recall the features provided by the new system to brokers:

• automation in working with leads, clients and counterparties
• conversions from a demo account to a real one, depositing and trading initiation
• improving trades' loyalty
• evaluating and adjusting the efficiency of marketing channels
• additional verification mechanisms and extended forms for registering trading accounts
• managing client data workflow
• detailed reports on financial and conversion results

Stay in touch with MetaTrader 5 releases - the updated back office is to appear in the next major build!

If you have any questions about the back office, please send an email at

MetaTrader 4 End-of-Sale
The MetaTrader 4 trading platform was released more than 12 years ago. Its architecture was designed under the limitations of that time, due to which it is no longer possible to implement new features that should to meet nowadays increased requirements of the industry or the brokers and traders demands.
Therefore, in early 2015 we ended the development of MetaTrader 4. Now, three years later, we discontinue the sales of this software. We have stopped selling MetaTrader 4 platform licenses to new customers, including additional servers to existing clients. However, MetaTrader 4 brokers will be able to order additional White Label terminals and receive comprehensive technical support. MetaQuotes will also keep releasing security updates and bug fixes for the said platform.
Additional functions and improvements will only be implemented in MetaTrader 5. The new-generation platform is based on modern architecture and fully supports various functions from the older version (such as hedging and reports on positions). MetaTrader 5 is a high-performance scalable platform which supports operation on multiple markets, including Forex, CFD, stocks, futures, metals and cryptocurrencies. A large-scale infrastructure comprising of third-party solutions has already formed around MetaTrader 5. Technology companies,such as Gold-i,oneZero, PrimeXM and Tools For Brokers among others, have adapted their products to MetaTrader 5 and offer various solutions to help brokers with migrating to the new platform.
Synthetic symbols and support for Anti-DDoS providers have been recently added to MetaTrader 5. More important updates featuring fundamentally new opportunities for brokers will be available soon. Having all of the above in mind, we have decided to stop offering the outdated platform, which cannot be any further developed."
Interview with Mr. Emre Peser in the TV SHOW "In Development"
"The hottest assets this year are definitely the cryptocurrencies. Two years ago, binary options were some of the new products on the market, and this year we see that there are many exchanges based and market cryptocurrencies. "It said the founder of MetaPenta Software Emre Peser in the show on Bloomberg TV Bulgaria" in development " with leading Veronica Denizova.
He pointed out that the US economy as well as that of the EU are performing very well and, as a result, financial instruments are rising. "Over the last six months, we have seen assets rising fast. But if the financial instruments continue to grow, perhaps even 3 months later in the New Year, we will see a peak in prices reaching. "
In his words, then market dips can be expected. "Nowadays, investors need to be more careful than they should have been a year ago." Mr. Peser has always had hidden risks, especially for strategies. "If we compare the situation over the last two years with this now, the markets are now more stable," he explained. "Perhaps the news about block technology and cryptocurrencies will increasingly reflect on capital markets. But overall I do not expect big surprises in the short run. "
MetaPenta Software took part in the sixth Investor Finance Forum
MetaPenta Software took part in this great event, while the company's representatives described and presented all the new developments for the MetaTrader 5 trading platform and held a number of important meetings with customers.

For the sixth consecutive year the conference brought together Bulgarian and foreign professionals in the financial, capital and foreign exchange markets.
Investor Finance Forum, the most popular financial forum in Bulgaria, has focused on important global news and trends, the latest financial instruments and concrete practical advice on investment and finance.
This year we saw many of our customers promoting the MetaTrader 5 platform. We also introduced and offered new solutions for MetaTrader 5 along with some of our technology partners.
We thank all dealers and brokers who have visited us at the event. The feedback we received at the forum will help us further develop our platforms and services, while taking into account the needs of our customers in Bulgaria and Europe.
MetaPenta Software Ltd. attend at Investor Finance Forum 2017!!!
MetaPenta Software Ltd. will showcase its most recent developments at the Investor Finance Forum 2017. The forum taking place on 1st of December is destined to become the biggest event of the investment community in Bulgaria and the region. Top-tier retail brokers, institutional forex investors, fintech providers, as well as representatives of banks, hedge funds and exchanges are expected to attend this prestigious event.

At the seminar "Changes on Global markets: Time to shift to MetaTrader 5", the company representatives will talk about the new developments of the multi-asset trading platform MetaTrader 5. The presentation should be of interest to brokers who wish to offer their clients the best trading platform to their clients. A special focus will be not only on the MetaTrader 5 clients terminal, which has a number of advantages and benefits for individual traders as well as the Administrator, allowing each broker to create whatever settings he or she wants. The presentation is to be followed by a Q&A session with MetaPenta Software team members. If you are part of the institutional investors of the financial community in Bulgaria, we invite you to visit our stand in the lobby of Inter Expo Center on 1st floor. This is a great opportunity to experience our latest developments and find out all the details. See you at the event!
  • Investor Finance Forum 2017
  • 1 december 2017 Inter Expo Center, Sofia
    MetaQuotes Software Corp. received the award for the best platform for FX trading at the Financial Magnates 2017!!!
    The MetaTrader trading platforms received the Best FX Trading Platform award at the Finance Magnates Awards 2017. Last year, at the London Summit 2016, the MetaTrader 5 platform was named the Best Multi-Asset Trading Platform. Also, MetaTrader was the winner in key categories at the Financial Magnates Awards 2015, including Best Platform and Best Mobile Product. MetaQuotes Software products have been the choice of major players of the financial industry for many years in a row. 2017 Finance Magnates London Summit Awards

    This year the London Summit was also a success for integration companies who recently started offering solutions for MetaTrader 5. Leading financial technology providers say that it is the growing popularity of the new platform among brokers and traders that has boosted the development of new product lines for MetaTrader 5.
  • Tools for Brokers, who released a portfolio of institutional MetaTrader 5 solutions, received the Best Automated Performance Tool award.
  • The well-known British integration company Gold-i that recently released CryptoSwitch for MetaTrader 5, was awarded with the Best Cryptocurrency Solution Provider award.
  • PrimeXM (MetaTrader 5 integration gateway to XCore system was released in March, 2017) was named the Best Connectivity Provider.
  • CFH Clearing, who added MetaTrader 5 to its trading platform portfolio earlier this year, became the Best Liquidity Provider.
    MetaQuotes Software Corp. opens its new office in Bulgaria

    We have opened a representative office in Bulgaria. MetaPenta Software Ltd. will offer its services to regional brokers. The main tasks of our office in Sofia are raising the offered services to a qualitatively new level as well as attracting brokers and financial organizations from the neighboring Balkan countries.

    "The decision for this investment was based on personal observations of the parent company that Bulgaria's economy is actively developing", - says Emre Peser, Head of MetaPenta Software. "There are several brokers using MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 in Bulgaria at the moment. But I also see a lot of potential opportunities to expand the market share of MetaQuotes Software Corp... products. This will be our main objective. The company will work as an agent of MetaQuotes and as such should serve to implement the business strategy and tasks set by its parent company".

    Emre Peser, MetaPenta Software Ltd.

    "We are pleased to offer such a high-tech product as MetaTrader 5 as we are constantly trying to provide the best trading conditions for our customers", - notes Petar Krustev, Executive Director of Benchmark Finance. "We launched the platform as early as 2012, and so far we have implemented all the additional applications, such as mobile versions for iOS and Android. This year, we have switched to the updated MetaTrader 5 featuring hedging. Besides, we are the first ones who offered the Web-based MetaTrader 5 application in Bulgaria".
    "Our customers also prefer the MetaTrader 5 platform", - adds Pavel Nikolov, Manager of the International financial markets department at EuroFinance. "The ability to trade in different financial instruments across a platform is always an advantage, therefore the transition from the MetaTrader 4 to the MetaTrader 5 multi-asset platform is a great idea. After the new platform with the hedging option was offered on the Bulgarian market, the last advantage of MetaTrader 4 has disappeared.