Comparison Table
Partial Order Filling Policies
Order fill policy Fill or Kill, Immediate or Cancel,Return Fill or Kill
Pending Order Types 6 4
Market Dept
Time&Sales data
Technical Indicators 38 30
Graphical Objects 44 31
Time-Frames 21 9
Economic Calendar
Email System with attachments no attachments
Transfer funds between accounts
MQL5 chat embedded in Terminal
Strategy Tester Multi Core + Multi currency + Real Ticks Single Core
Unicode UI
MQL Program Execution Speed 20x 1x
Execution Modes 4 3
64bit Version
Server Architecture Distributed Single
Groups Unlimited 512
Symbols Unlimited 1024
Security Groups Unlimited 32
Built-in order routing
Orders database size Unlimited Up to 10M orders
Reports Charts + Tables Tables only
Balance transaction types Balance, Credit, Correction, Charge, Bonus, Commission, Agent, Interest Up to 2 weeks
Log-files ZIP compression Automated
Store Order ID from external system
SQL Export Native (MySQL,MSSQL,Oracle) Limited (MySQL)
Manager API C++, ASP.NET, PHP C++
Supported Markets Forex/CFDs/Futures Options/Stocks/Bonds Forex/CFDs
Supports Exchanges
Direct ECN Connectivity