MetaTech Risk Manager

MT Risk Manager is plug-in to take control of your total risk by which you can determine the maximum open positions limit separately to your customer. Plug-in includes the following features:

  • The application can limit the size of the maximum position of the client individually and also this limitation can defined separately based on the client. It can be also determined with the options of lot or volume. Passive order entry is controlled as well
  • The limit is adjustable according to the total position or net position.
  • The maximum position amount can be determined separately on the basis of client and symbol. (This option is operated as a warrant limit on the basis of account currency.)
  • Exemption option is provided on the basis of a symbol. For example; all the symbols including EUR can be exempt from the limit and/or only EURUSD transactions can be exempt.
  • Deleting the open orders and changing the opening price by mangers will be optional.

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