MetaTech Maker Checker

MetaTech Maker/Checker application runs under an integrated service to the MetaTrader Server. You can make all the adjustments that can be done on Administrator also on Maker/Checker by deactivating MT4 Administrator. Makers send their amendment requests within their province. Checkers have right to confirm or reject the received request within their province. There is a two layer hierarchical structure in between Checkers; in this case the highest level Admin Checker will be able to see all requests and confirm them or simply just by tracking can wait the other checker to reply the request. Makers as a group will be linked to Checkers which are specified before. So that each Maker can send a request to the Checker that it is linked to. There is also a management panel provided with the application. The user identification, authorization and maker-checker matching process will be determined through this management panel.

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